The 2020 Fiat 500e is more than a large amount of power and performance in a small electrical package. It's also styling that allows it to maintain its agelessness beyond the current model year.

A way this is done is through optional upgrade packages. One of these is the eSport. It maintains the 500e's efficiency without eliminating its unique profile. Enhancements in the eSport include 15-inch cast aluminum wheels and headlamps trimmed in black. Orange trim accents the Fiat's mirror caps, wheels, and body. This gives the 500e a look and feel of a fast and efficient subcompact.

We want you to see what the Fiat 500e can do for your automotive experience. Contact your local Fiat dealership to setup a test drive. Not only will you get a feel of its performance but also its style. It may help you decide on the purchase of an electric vehicle now instead of later.


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