2019 RAM 2500 Brings Many Useful External Features to Bear

The 2019 RAM 2500 is a good-looking and hard-working full-size pickup truck. Even though the 2500 can more than hold its own in the hauling and work areas, it also includes a number of sophisticated safety and awareness features that give drivers an edge. These features include LED bed lighting, cargo cameras, and even backup viewing assistance.

It can be difficult for drivers to clearly view their loads during dusk hours, but the RAM 2500 solves this problem with a specialize LED bed lighting system. This system thoroughly illuminates the bed of the truck and promotes easy unloading and loading of products.

Complementing the LED light system is the proprietary RAM 2500 Cargo View camera. This camera system includes a centrally located viewscreen that projects images of the bed directly into the cab. This allows operators and passengers to keep watch on loads while traveling or while stationary.

In addition, the RAM 2500 offers drivers the convenience of the Parkview rear backup system. The Parkview system utilizes the same central viewscreen to offer drivers a clear and guided view of their rear environments during parking maneuvers.



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