2016 Dodge RAM 1500 vs Chevy Silverado

2016 RAM 1500 vs
2016 Chevy Silverado
In this section we will focus on engine performance, capabilities and interior technology. By the end of this article you will know which truck offers you more.
Engine Performance, Fuel Economy and Capabilities
The RAM 1500 is equipped with the 305 horsepower 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 engine that can be controlled with the Torqueflite 8-speed automatic transmission. The Chevy Silverado 1500 features a 4.3-liter EcoTec3 V6 engine with a 6-speed automatic transmission that pumps out only 282 horsepower. The RAM 1500 has both a higher max payload and towing capacity than its Silverado counterpart. Even while giving you more horsepower, a higher payload and towing capacity, the RAM 1500 still gets you better gas mileage than the Silverado. While both trucks get an EPA estimated 17 city mpg, the RAM 1500 gets 25 highway MP with the Silverado 1500 getting only 22 highway mpg.
Tech and Entertainment. Size Does Matter
In terms of entertainment, the 2016 RAM 1500 features a 6-speaker sound system to deliver audio enjoyment. The Chevy Silverado only features a 4-speaker sound system. The RAM 1500 also features an enormous Uconnect 5-inch color touch screen display. The Chevy Silverado features a 4.2 inch touch display. The RAM 1500 also features an 8-foot long cargo bed that gives you 74.7 cubic feet of space. The Chevy Silverado on the other hand features a 6.5 foot long bed that  gives you only 61 cubic feet of space. That's over 13 feet of extra bed space for you to utilize either on the job or gearing up for your next adventure!

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